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Terms of Use & Privacy Policies


The Balazsi and Saint-Laurent families, owners of the Sea Turtle Condos at Glitter Bay, place great importance on transparency with clear and straightforward terms of use and protection of personal information. Please read the conditions and our privacy policy.

By using Sea Turtle Condo’s website and/or services, you acknowledge having read the “Terms of Use” and you automatically accept them. These conditions may change over time. Sea Turtle Condos undertake to publish an update available at all times on its main site. The user of the website undertakes to respect the most recent Terms of Use.

The user can browse and use the services offered on the Sea Turtle Condos website under the terms of these Terms of Use. Any failure on the part of a user may result in their banishment. In the event of action contrary to the laws in force, Sea Turtle Condos may take civil or criminal recourse.

By default and unless otherwise stated, Sea Turtle Condos is the sole owner of the content with the copyright attached to it on the website(s) operated, in particular Copying or redistribution of content owned by Sea Turtle Condos is prohibited except with explicit written consent issued by Sea Turtle Condos.

The creation of an account, a callback request or any submission of your contact details such as a telephone number or email address reflects the explicit desire of the user that their information can be used in the context of immediate and/or future contact. Communication can be done to respond to a request for information or service, but also to distribute promotions or satisfaction surveys, for example, in a remarketing context. You can unsubscribe at any time. In the case of sending an email or newsletter, consult the link included for this purpose in the message.

Our website is generally developed with content in English. Certain web pages may have been translated into French to facilitate the use of the service for our French-speaking users. Please note that by using the Sea Turtle Condos website, you consider that you have sufficient knowledge of English to understand the use and terms of the service.
The masculine gender is used by default only to lighten the text. The service is aimed at everyone regardless of gender.

Any media (electronic file in various formats) uploaded to Sea Turtle Condos website is presumed to be royalty-free or license-free. The user is solely responsible for the files, images or content he saves on the site. Once transferred to the website, these media can be analyzed and stored according to the intended use following their submission.

Sea Turtle Condos is committed to providing reliable and secure website and services. However, access may be interrupted at any time. No guarantee can be provided nor any damage recognized in the event of non-availability.

Sea Turtle Condos strictly prohibits accessing or allowing anyone to access any of its website for illegitimate purposes, including:

  • Any fraudulent access using the identifiers (user code and password) of another person without their explicit authorization;
  • Any attempt, regardless of the means, to obtain a user’s identifiers without their knowledge;
  • Any attempt to access a third party’s account, including access to the website’s administration account.

These prohibited accesses (including attempts) constitute an offence punishable by legal proceedings and/or a criminal complaint.

Legitimate use of the Sea Turtle Condos website involves certain prohibitions, including and not limited to:

  • Violate Sea Turtle Condo’s Terms of Use;
  • Attempting to hack computer systems;
  • Sending spam;
  • The transmission of viruses, worms or any other similar software (malicious or not) or any actions aimed at harming the proper functioning of Sea Turtle Condo’s web services;
  • Conduct that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene, racist, discriminatory, hateful or otherwise inappropriate.

These prohibited actions may result in one or more offences punishable by legal proceedings and/or a criminal complaint.

Sea Turtle Condos cannot be held responsible for any damage or harm suffered or presumed by a user due to errors or inaccuracies on its website or in the execution of its web services. In this regard, Sea Turtle Condos undertake to correct any report brought to its attention as quickly as possible.

The user is entirely responsible for the confidentiality of their data and personal information by taking the necessary precautions, particularly with regard to their equipment (computer, tablet, telephone or others, their up-to-date operating system and protections, viruses and intrusion) and the use of its identifiers considered strictly confidential.
Sea Turtle Condos and its service providers use computer systems that meet state-of-the-art security standards. However, no system is perfectly secure and no guarantee can be offered regarding the information stored on Sea Turtle Condo’s website. The same goes for the possibility of equipment breakdown or network failure: we cannot be held responsible for any damage or problem suffered by the user when using our web services or our website.

These conditions of use are interpreted according to the laws of Quebec. Any dispute arising from these terms and conditions will be brought before the court of the judicial district of Montréal, QUÉBEC.

Last updated: December 4, 2023


Sea Turtle Condos wish to ensure the confidentiality of communications with all its users and the security of information collected with the use of our website. We are committed to respecting the privacy of our visitors and users and protecting their personal information. By default, personal data or information is retained and used exclusively by Sea Turtle Condos for the purposes of communication, analysis, execution and optimization of its services as well as for its promotional activities.

Our Personal Information Protection and Privacy Policy aims to comply with the various legislations of Quebec and Canada with regard to the protection of personal information. By using our services or interacting with our website, you accept the practices described in this policy.

A personal information protection officer has been appointed to coordinate this effort within our organization and ensure a link with our users. You can contact us via our contact form for any questions regarding your personal information.

Here is a detailed (but not exhaustive) presentation of the information that may be collected by Sea Turtle Condos and the use that may be made of it.


1) User account on our website

If available, personal information is collected when creating a user account (customer, supplier or simple user) with the relevant data that you provide in order to offer the service and/or the expected information with the security of a restricted access.

Personal data is necessary, among other things, to secure access to your account, identify you during our exchanges, validate your acceptance of our conditions of use, personalize your navigation and the promotion of our services, and differentiate content that is relevant, available or accessible.

2) Collection of non-nominative data on our website
Sea Turtle Condos collect data on its visitors and web users automatically using “cookies” in order, among other things, to better understand their behaviour overall. This information allows analysis and improvement of our services. This data concerns, for example, the operating system, the type of device and its IP address, the screen resolution, the pages visited, the consultation time, etc. This data, even grouped together, cannot identify the visitor or user browsing our website.

These cookie files are used on our website for the purposes of optimization and improvement of our services and promotional activities. Certain cookies are an integral part of the website and ensure its proper functioning, the security of its data and offer crucial functionalities such as access to restricted content. Other cookies are optional and improve the browsing experience, enable usage statistics and promotional personalization. Please note that cookies on our website may come from third-party sites such as Google, Meta and other providers of content or specific functionalities. Our website also uses certain complementary applications (plugins) which extend the functionality of the website. Their operation sometimes requires the use of these cookie files. They may transmit non-personal data, but cannot in any way be linked to any personal data that you have provided. Only Sea Turtle Condos can use all the data from cookies for analysis, statistics and improvement of its services.

Third-party providers may use cookies to deliver more targeted advertising based on the interests of our visitors and/or users.

Our website allows you to manage these cookies during your first visit. You can change your choices later. Some cookies are mandatory since they are necessary for the proper functioning of the site and its functionalities, particularly in terms of security and display preferences. Others are offered for marketing and/or statistical purposes.

A section dedicated to cookies provides details of those used on our main website. Please read it.

3) Specific cases of access to personal or non-personal data to a third-party
Sea Turtle Condos grant sufficient access to the data (personal or not) stored on its website to its web hosting provider and to its mandated employees within a strict management framework of its IT network. This ensures that applications are updated, security, the proper functioning of its servers, etc.

Sea Turtle Condos has implemented reasonable security measures depending on the type and sensitivity of the data collected. Generally, we only collect the information necessary for our service offering or effective communication according to your needs. This information is used exclusively by people mandated by Sea Turtle Condos according to the rights and access necessary for their tasks for our organization.

Your information collected on our website, in particular (and all other subdomains), is archived on our secure cloud network located in Quebec, Canada. However, some data or information may be processed by third-party providers who may be based in other territories or jurisdictions.

Sea Turtle Condos keep browsing data and personal information on a long-term basis to ensure long-term service. This may include, among other things, a history of communications, user requests for services or simple navigation data of web visitors.

The user of our website always has the choice to accept or refuse to provide personal information. You can withdraw your consent, whether for the collection, processing or use of your information.

Sea Turtle Condos reserve the right to modify its policy on the protection of personal information without notice. The policy published on indicates the policy in force at all times on all of its websites. You should refer to it regularly. For any questions regarding our terms and conditions, please contact us by telephone or via our form available on our contact page.

Last updated: December 9, 2023