Glitter Bay, St. James,


Glitter bay: Premium location on Barbados’ West Coast

Glitter Bay is a beachfront property on the Gold Coast of the calm Caribbean Sea, in the Parish of St. James, 2 miles North of Holetown (map). Its stunning sunsets with the reflected light shimmering on the calm waters gave the beach its name. Within a five-minute drive one can find shops, grocery and wine store, many fine restaurants and resorts, including the Sandy Lane Hotel.

The Sea Turtles

‘Our daughter swimming with a friend’

Bring your snorkel and under-water camera!

Barbados is the home of Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles, which often lay their eggs right on our beach (the resort staff will show you if a female has laid her eggs the night before). Each nest is marked by biologists of the Bellaire Marine Biology Unit of McGill University, and 6 weeks later, the turtles will hatch, sometimes under your own beach umbrella!

sea_turtle_diving hawksbill baby_sea_turtle

You can also swim with the turtles, either on organized tours, or often along the beach within a 5 minute walk. Bring your snorkel and under-water camera!

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Barbados: Why we chose to invest and eventually retire here

Our family has visited many Caribbean islands over the years. We have chosen Barbados as our second home because of the constant temperature, calm seas on the West coast, the welcoming and friendly people and the fact that this beautiful island is as organized as any European or North American jurisdiction: one of the highest literacy rates in the world, excellent police force, well trained doctors, clean drinking water, Canadian banks a mile away… Even the vendors on the beach are licensed and polite!